The pandemic suicide of BNL

16 oktober 2020 - Mekong Delta, Vietnam

It has surprised me to see that very few people and organisations are looking with new eyes to the development in sport, it shows how conservative and old fashioned they are in their way of thinking.  Most sports organisations have become followers and are doing everything they can to get behind somebody else, if it is good for the sport is not the question, it is a lot more important that nobody can say afterwards that they did it wrong.

Doing something wrong is the most essential part of development, one of the most stupit thing I have ever heard from one of the board members of Badminton NL was that my ideas were not common practice. This was a big compliment to me in my eyes, but it was also a shock to learn that the people who are leading an organisation are NOT looking to become the next new existing thing in the sport but they just follow what everybody else is doing and hoping that will save the sport and thereby the organisation. This was long before we were having something like a pandemic, and nobody had heard of a lockdown, old fashion leaders then were incompetent of leading the organisation towards the future and are the worst  people to have at this moment, they can not think outside the box even if they want to, they have no idear where to start. These people are good and have an accountant because there are a set number of rules and within these boundaries they are very good, but outside they are hopelessly lost. 

Centralising power has never in history led to something good and in the business world there are even rules against getting too big because of the negative consequence of it. And yet in our country you see sports organisations try to get more and more power killing every new and fresh idea if it is not their own. There is no vision other than the power of the organisation the sport is of no importance. The only thing that is of any meaning to them is their part in the organisation. If your sport organisation is colourless your sport will look colourless, there will be a small group of people that like the fact that it is this way but you will never make your organisation grow. Badminton NL will lose many members in 2020 and 2021, the loss of members show a dramatic fall, but Badminton NL will say this is because of C-19 it is not our mistake. This is also normal behavior for organisations without vision, they hide behind others and other things because they don’t have a staid back themself.  Where is the thinking tank that you should put in action when you are in problems in these difficult times? In World War 2 the biggest enemies could work together to beat big problems. Badminton NL is on a suicide mission and would weather die then work with others, it has nothing to do with the sport but only with the people.