Multi Talent find new way to work on his badminton

2 oktober 2020 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A amazing badminton player from Belgium 

One of our players here in Vietnam and Denmark Noah Roovers is really a multi talent, at 17 he was the number 1 in the World in racing. And 2 years later he started to play badminton and very seldom I have seen a player become so good in a very short time. He is studying law at the University while he plays full time badminton. Now in the corona time he did his exams with big succes and he had some extra time so he made a music video that is coming out today. The special thing about it is that he did everything himself, wrote the text and music, played the instruments, wrote the script for the video, and did all the artistic elements in it. He is not going for crowdfunding to make his dream come true, the money he hopes to make with the music video will be used for badminton. I hope that all badminton lovers his video shares on social media.