Are you ready for the future?

9 oktober 2020 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Are you ready for the new reality in the badminton sport, most people thought that the C-19 crisis would come and fly over after maybe a couple of months. Some of us have been thinking further ahead and asked “What if” this is not going to be a short thing and we have to deal with it for the next couple of years, what if playing tournaments are not turning back to normal again. How much damage will we get in the development of our players, what if a whole group of players will get lost, if you are last year U19 and you can not play the European or World Junior Championships? All training is set-up the same way in Europe and there are no alternatives, we already know that the way of working in national selecties is not focused on development it has the focus on results. Now that tournaments are canceled in big numbers and nobody can play the top level games they are looking for the focus on results and points for the rankings are gone. But for as far has I hear and see the training has not changed at all, this is the time to start a program off developing and that is compleet different than the training for results. I believe that the know-how of this kind of training is near to absent on National level training. Coaches have very little knowledge about this aspect. It is not something I just think, I have seen it at first hand in the online coach education I have been given to a group of 18 coaches. None of them had the skills needed to do this type of training on International level. Whiteout exception the online cursus was an eye opener for all of them and they have been able to scratch the surface of this way of thinking and working. What we will see is that countries who are investing in the development of their coaches and change the focus in the training on time will come out of the C-19 crisis and the strong and leading countries while the traditional working countries will fall further behind. There are only a handful of organisations around the World that were very fast to recognize this problem and started a high quality online coach education, the VBO in Holland was the first one soon followed by Italy and Denmark. How long are you willing to wait and do nothing, just see what will happen with the C-19 and hope everything will be the same again as before?  We like to think that doing online coach education is a win/win situation, you are doing something to develop yourself as a coach and you make sure you are ready for a further where things may never be the same anymore.

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  1. Guus van der Vlugt:
    9 oktober 2020
    Zie de Corona-crisis maar als een verlengde overgangsperiode tussen twee seizoen. Prima tijd voor spelers om (meer) nieuwe dingen te leren of voor oudere spelers kleine aanpassingen te automatiseren.